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Welcome E-Ride, Where Technology meets Renewable Energy

E-Ride is an e-mobility Company an independent subsidiary of YNA Kenya, we are offering E-mobility, Deliveries and courier services and Charging Network facilities that are solar powered. The Business aims at introducing electric Motorcycles, three wheelers and electric vehicles in the future, The business model is environmentally friendly and a sustainable way to reduce carbon emissions using electric Motorcycle, commonly known in East Africa as “BODA BODAS” The company do assembling and production and to make the whole chain of distribution seamless, the company utilizes renewable energy from production to end users. The company owns a subsidiary company HER GO which is the company arm in delivery of parcels (courier services) in the city and its exclusively for women, The HER GO project aims at embracing women to join the automotive industry in a sustainable way to reduce carbon emissions using electric Bodas, The Boda Boda industry is dominated by male counterparts. The company also Provides e-mobility charging points and battery swapping services that are powered by solar energy making the service accessible through E-GO CHARGING NETWORK. The company offer public e-Bodas and vehicle charging and install charging outlets in the city and offers Battery swapping services thereby helping drivers and customers with easy accessibility to charging stations throughout their daily errands. We deliver sustainable and innovative solutions for better mobility, clean energy, and an accessible charging network. In doing this, our vision is to open greater opportunity and choice through products and services that create jobs, improve health, and protect the environment. Everything in this decade of action we are dedicated to the essence of our work: to provide better solutions, better lives, and a better world.

Our Renewable Energy and Applications Solutions

E-Ride E-Boda

The Motorcycles can arrive at a top speed of 90km/h in just five seconds. It can travel up to 100 kilometers on a full charge. The capacity is powered by 4.6-kilowatt-hour battery packs.

Battery Swapping

Battery swapping services that are charged by solar powered energy making the service accessible through E-GO thereby helping riders with seamless daily errands.

Her Go

We offer you the last-mile service in the city, Delivered to you with love by our female riders. We are the first and the last to absorb the highest number of female riders in the world. Get in touch.

E-Go Charging Network

We deliver sustainable and innovative solutions for e-mobility, and an accessible charging network. All solar powered Charging facilities and Battery swapping services.

E-Ride hailing

We offer ride hailing services for EVs only, and not only EVs but solar powered charging, thus creating zero emission on your rides. Enjoy a smooth and quite ride with our riders.

EV Tax Hailing

To keep our promise, We welcome EV Taxis on our platform to operate ride hailing, But there is catch! The must be using our E-GO charging networks. Register today and we save our world.

EV Chargers

To accelerate Ev adoption in the country, Either DC or AC we got you covered, these fast chargers combined with the latest and secure digital payment technology.

Converting Bike

There are more than 1.2 million fossil emitting bikes in Kenya as at 2021. We aim to convert 1% of these bikes in three years. Bring us your fuel bike you get it as E-Bike in two days.

E-Bike Battery

OOur batteries are equipped with BMS and employing IoT technologies to switch it off and on with antitheft, charger and real time monitoring using our mobile app. Swapping services available.

E-Ride app

Do more with our 6 in one mobile app. Ride request EV Cars & E-Bike, Food deliveries, parcel deliveries, Charging network map, Battery monitoring, digital payment solutions.

Own Charger

We do installation of EV charging machine to private premises, such us educational institutions, hotels and resorts, homes and apartments and private Parking lots.

customer care

We keep on improving our services and product to serve you well. E-Ride customer service and maintenance showroom is coming crosser to you, Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Solar Energy

We utilize solar power from production in our workshop to the end users for charging facilities across the country. Thus, giving you the best price on our products and services.


E-Tuk-Tuk and E-cargo a 3 Wheel from E-ride are the best match for your new hustle as it gives you 50km per charge with 300-500kg loads. Best for city errands, The best in town!

EVs Spare parts

We are stock list and dealers of more than 30 EVs cars and chargers manufactures, European types and Asian accessories, every type of spare part we got you covered.

EVs Showroom

E-ride throws its hat onto the ring for new challenge in the E-mobility. With its first ever EVs cars and Bike showroom in Africa, It is coming up in early 2023 in Nairobi Kenya.

Kenya Mobility

Local projects and innovations for local problems, E-mobility Charging facilities; local production, manufacturing and assembling, and cleaner and more efficient on-road fleets, including Solar energy. The introduction of EVs in fleets is the first step to overcoming challenges and barriers to e-mobility and is critical to its wider adoption around the country. We put a thumb to this promise!!

Our Products and Services

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Our Founding Team

MK Sebastian

MK Sebastian

CEO & Co-Founder
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Mary Munyao

COO & CO-Founder-T.L Her Go
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David Kabue

CFO & CO-Founder

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Partnership Opportunities, Please Email Us At mk@eride.co.ke

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We Are Here To Help! If You Have Technical Issues, Contact Support +254(0) 722 148 281.

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